Welcome to Clark Weeks Wide Ranging Interests

This is a first post in a fun little blog about Clark Weeks varied interests. Everything ranging from actuarial science to skiing and scuba diving. We hope you enjoy the eclecticism of this blog.

Clark Weeks interests - scuba diving

Scuba Diving

Clark Weeks has gone scuba diving in the Cook Islands in the Pacific. It is a remote place with spectacular reefs. Why? Because it is so remote, pollution and damage from humans is at a minimum. Coral bleaching from global warming could still hurt these amazing reefs.


Why Montenegro? Besides being a beautiful place, his wife’s family is from there. Which also ties into the Serbian Orthodox Church below. It is a fairly new country in a region that has seen a lot of flux over the last 100 years.

Underwater Hockey

Then there is underwater hockey. Clark Weeks plays on the USA National team in this sport. Never heard of underwater hockey? It is a sport that was invented by British military frogmen to stay in shape. It is played with a 12″ “hockey” stick that looks more like it would be good for spreading icing on a cake. Players have mask or goggles and fins and try to move a specially designed puck along the bottom of the pool to score a goal. Obviously, to play this game you need to get really good at holding your breath.

Actuarial Science

Then we can talk about actuarial science. This is basically the science of evaluating risk. It is obviously important to insurance companies but has other applications as well. Mr. Weeks works with municipalities and other organizations to help quantify and minimize their risk.

Clark Weeks interests - Oil Wells

Oil Wells

Then there are also the varied investments the Mr. Weeks evaluates. One area that he looks it is investing in oil wells. This is obviously quite different than buying stock in Exxon or BP. There is potentially more risk, but if you know what you are doing, there is also a lot more reward than a simple dividend check and appreciation of the stock.

Serbian Orthodox Church

There is also the Serbian Orthodox church in the Atlanta area. Its name i the Saints Peter and Paul Serbian Orthodox Church. It is another of Clark Weeks varied interests. Mr. Weeks and his wife are actively involved with the church and help to fund raise for it.


Besides the other sports mentioned, Mr. Weeks is also an avid skier. He particularly loves Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah.

We hope you enjoy this quirky little blog about Clark Weeks many interests. To find out more, go here.