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    Clark Weeks’ Great Places for Scuba Diving

    Clark Weeks loves scuba diving so we thought we would bring you some great places to go. Scuba diving is something that is on almost everyone’s bucket list, and it is an experience unlike any other. For those who have always wanted to go scuba diving and experience these stunning natural marvels, here is a list of the most unique scuba diving destinations in the world and what they offer.

    Cape Kri-Raja Ampat (Indonesia)

    The Cape Kri-Raja Ampat, located in Indonesia, is home to some of the richest marine life and coral gardens in the world. It has a record of 375 varieties of fishes. There are several diving resorts in the area, with Liveabord and Papua Diving Resort being a couple that you can check out to get started.

    Clark Weeks recommends scuba diving in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
    The beautiful Cape Kri-Raja Ampat in Indonesia

    Thistlegorm (Egyptian Red Sea)

    For those looking to get a unique diving experience, Thistlegorm off the Egyptian Red Sea promises just that. It is a cargo shipwreck that gives divers a sight of train carriages, bikes, and trucks. These were sunk by 2 German bombers in 1941 and are at a depth of 29 meters. This is one of the few destinations that are famous for a night dive.

    Liberty Wreck (Indonesia)

    Yet another Indonesian diving site, this wreck is between a depth of 9 to 30m, so it has something for all skill levels. There is a lot of marine life here to see, and this is quite the picturesque dive. There is a slow current along with visibility of as much as 30 meters.

    The Yongala (Australia)

    Queensland in Australia houses a 109 meters wreck that has become quite the scuba diving spot. While entry inside the ship is not allowed since it is under protection from the Historic Shipwreck Act, there is still a lot to see here. It has everything ranging from wrecks to wildlife such as turtles, Manta Rays and even Bull Sharks.

    Blue Corner (Micronesia)

    Blue Corner in Palau, Micronesia is a dive made for only the experienced divers. There are strong currents in this area, so it is not advisable for the inexperienced divers. There is a good chance of spotting sharks here, but it also houses a large variety of other forms of marine life.

    Clark Weeks recommends scuba diving at Blue Corner in Micronesia - Manta Ray Sighting
    A fascinating Manta Ray sighted while scuba diving in Micronesia

    Manta Ray Night Dive (Hawaii)

    This amazing night dive is quite the sight. With light rays on the floor of the ocean attracting plankton and Manta Rays, you can be sure of encountering some of the largest Manta Rays as well here. Currents are known to be tough at certain times, but it is an easy dive for even the inexperienced divers when the weather is good.

    Great Blue Hole (Belize)

    At 143metres of depth, the Great Blue Hole houses sharks and mako and is also one of the deepest dives in this list. The best time to go here is from April through June. The hole is full of coral reefs and the visibility in the water is very high to give you the perfect views.

    Clark Weeks recommends scuba diving at Great Blue Hole in Belize - sea turtle underwater
    Turtle underwater in Belize

    Big Brother (Egyptian Red Sea)

    Saving the best for last, the Big Brother comes with an eligibility criterion- you must have done over 50 open water dives to go here. It has unpredictable and very strong currents, and sharks are quite common here. With a steep volcanic cone dive, this sure is every scuba divers dream!

    Say Hi to Clark Weeks While Scuba Diving if You See Him at One of These Sites

    Clark Weeks has enjoyed scuba diving at some of these places and we hope you will enjoy them too. These are just some of the best scuba diving locations that you can go around the world. What are you waiting for? Grab your gear and go on to experience nature’s finest marvels under the sea.